SAFETY UPDATE: Please Take Down Political Signs


Taking Down Signs for Safety
In an abundance of caution in preparing for Hurricane Lane's impacts, please remove and store all of our campaign signs and banners from your property in an effort to prevent hazards from flying signs and stakes.  If you need assistance, please reply to this email or call/text me with your address at 354-1178 and I'll come by this afternoon.

Make sure you and your ʻohana are safe and prepared! We join forces in emergencies but we need to come together in preparedness efforts. Please remember our kūpuna and outreach to your neighbors to see if they need support.       

Check out the following links for extra information on how to be prepared and what to expect: 

  • Updated tracking of the Hurricane: National Weather Service                                  
  • City and County of Honolulu Department of Emergency Management page by clicking here.
  • Tune in to KSSK Radio (AM 590 / FM 92.3) or any major TV news for updates.
  • General info on the StarAdvertiser preparedness  page.                                                                                                                

Stay safe!