Tommy Waters Campaign Donations Demonstrate Increasing Support

Tommy Waters Campaign Donations
Demonstrate Increasing Support

April 3, 2019
For Immediate Release:
Honolulu, HI – The Tommy Waters for City Council Campaign raised
$289,168 in the reporting period between Jan. 1, 2019 and March 29, 2019.
“This is a testimony to the momentum we’re feeling as we walk the district and
hear voters agreeing that it’s time for a change in representation at City Hall,”
Waters said. “Residents from Waikīkī to Hawai‘i Kai are worried about increasing
homelessness in our district, the proliferation of illegal vacation rentals, monster
homes, crime, traffic, along with the high cost of living that is driving so many
Hawai‘i residents to leave the islands. Under Trevor Ozawa’s watch, these
problems have spiraled.”
After being outspent nearly three to one in the 2018 primary, Waters shared “our
resources were so tight that we cut in half leftover flyers and covered the dates
with stickers.” Less than a year later, the campaign explains Tommy has worked
hard to reach out to tens of thousands of voters sharing his message. As a result,
the campaign drew donations from a cross-section of supporters including:
caregivers, academics, environmental professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs,
attorneys, and retirees. Environmental stewards comprised a large percentage of
donors, which along with the endorsement of the Sierra Club has demonstrated
strong support among the conservation community for Waters.
Campaign Manager Amy Luke shared, “Tommy was no longer campaigning
against the chair of the budget committee. With a level playing field, we have
been so appreciative by all of the support from volunteers in the field to
community groups speaking out to donors wanting to help us get out Tommy’s
message of respectful and effective leadership for Council District IV.”

Speaking to questions about union support, Luke explains, “while Tommy’s
opponent has criticized the support from labor groups that changed from
previously supporting him, we believe their support now is a reflection of the
change people are looking for that’s focused on real results and not personality
Luke further explained that resources were critical to effectively responding to
the dirty tactics of lies and misinformation being told to voters by Ozawa. Waters
pointed to his most recent mailer addressing mistruths regarding him and Mayor
Kirk Caldwell, along with a mailer on Ozawa’s Council voting record supporting

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