Protecting and Preserving Our Natural Resources, Open Spaces and Coastlines

This past weekend I participated in the Ka Iwi Coalition’s Annual Hike. I am a firm supporter of protecting and preserving our natural resources, open space, and coastlines. If elected, I will continue to fight to protect these lands.

When I was in the State Legislature I introduced:

HB 1949 prohibiting the DOH to allow injections wells if it will degrade the quality of coastal water;
HB 2924 Increasing the penalties for violation of the water pollution laws and allowing civil suits to enforce water pollution laws;
HB 1942 making an appropriation to fix the Waimanalo Wastewater treatment plant;
HB 1953 requiring larger setback along shorelines and prohibiting the construction of new seawalls and groins;
HB 1946 Creating a check off box on your tax return form to designate $1 to the Beach Restoration Fund; and
HB 1275 redefining the shoreline to maximize public beaches.

The City Council has only nine members and while the legislative body is different, I know I can make as big of an environmental impact in the Council as I was able to in the State Legislature.  I believe this is one of the reasons that the Sierra Club chose to endorse my candidacy for City Council District IV and I would be honored to have your support. 

Mahalo and please vote for me on August 11.