Public Trust: Accountability, Transparency, and Communication

Throughout our communities, there are many pressing issues that need immediate attention — lack of affordable housing, the high cost of living, crumbling infrastructure, rampant homelessness, and public safety concerns to name a few.  The people of Honolulu need elected officials who will treat everyone with Aloha and Respect, listen to their concerns, implement necessary change, and not be afraid to take on challenges on their behalf. 

If elected, I pledge to: work hard to bring honesty, dedication, and transparency back to the City Council; ensure adequate funding to the Honolulu Ethics Commission to enable them to clear their backlog and continue to provide quality ethics training for all city employees; and, to follow the Standards of Conduct as laid out in our Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu and uphold its principles of accountability as referenced:

“Elected and appointed officers and employees shall demonstrate by their example the highest standards of ethical conduct, to the end that the public may justifiably have trust and confidence in the integrity of government. They, as agents of public purpose, shall hold their offices or positions for the benefit of the public, shall recognize that the public interest is their primary concern, and shall faithfully discharge the duties of their offices regardless of personal considerations.”

Through accessibility and open lines of communication, I will keep our community informed, involved, and in contact (not just during election time).  While there may be times when we disagree on an issue, I will always be respectful and listen to our community’s voices as everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard.

Mahalo for your consideration.  I’d be honored to have your trust and respectfully ask for your vote in this upcoming election.