Voting by Mail Has Begun

Ballots have arrived at homes throughout the district, and I have been so appreciative of the many notes and calls of support. From keiki to kupuna, we need Leadership with Aloha and a Councilmember that will actively represent our community while keeping open lines of communication. Every voice deserves to be heard and every vote really does count. My family and I wanted to take a moment before the week begins and humbly ask for your vote. Mahalo for your consideration!

If you'd like to vote by mail, it’s not too late to request a mail-in ballot.  Applications for the Primary Election must be received by August 4, 2018 here: REQUEST A MAIL BALLOT.

If you're interested in early walk-in voting from July 30 - August 9, FIND EARLY WALK-IN LOCATIONS HERE.

If your family and friends aren't registered to vote, for the first time, they can register at the polls!  Learn more about SAME DAY VOTER REGISTRATION HERE.

Learn more from the Office of Elections.